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What Can Tenants Renting a Flat Do About Unfit Properties?


Tenants renting unfit properties leaking pipe
A water leak can cause rife between landlord and tenant — landlords are responsible.

When a tenant renting a flat moves in to a rental property they expect staying in and making it their home, it is in their best interest that the flat or house be in good working order. Checking the inventory such as; appliances, furniture and fixtures before moving in is the best procedure to note and have noted in the let agreement. Making sure the décor is how the tenant renting a flat likes it and knowing what changes can be made by the tenant renting a flat is also advised. There are at times unforeseen circumstances that may arise will letting the unit and knowing who is responsible for any repairs or damages should also be noted in the agreement before moving into the flat.

It is typical that the landlord is responsible for the structure of the flat while it is being let to a tenant. Items such as; electrical, structural, plumbing, fixtures should be maintained and repaired by the landlord during any time of the rental period. If a rental property should sustain such a repair where it can be hazardous to the tenant renting a flat or a health issue, the landlord should be notified immediately. Most landlords will respond to such repairs and unfit properties immediately so that the tenant renting a flat does not suffer both physically and or emotionally. A tenant renting a flat needs to state the unfit portion of the unit in writing to
the landlord when the issue is observed or noted. The landlord inspects the area and gives 24 hours notice to enter the premises to repair and resolve the issue. If there was an emergency the landlord may enter the flat immediately.

There are times when the landlord will not oblige to these unfit rental property conditions when the tenant renting a flat takes appropriate action to rectify the situation.

If a tenant renting a flat has given notice to the landlord and has not had a response, the tenant renting a flat has a few options. If it is stated in the let agreement, the tenant renting a flat may fix and repair the flat and the cost of
the repairs are to be reimbursed by the landlord. A tenant renting a flat may not withhold rent for the cost of the repairs and is required to continue paying the full let amount or they can face eviction. If the landlord does not reimburse the tenant renting a flat for the repairs the tenant renting a flat brings the landlord to court and has costs awarded through the court.

When the unfit rental property falls under the health and safety issues, the tenant renting a flat can contact the local council who will investigate the unfit rental property. It is the local council that takes further action against the landlord to
ensure the flat or house is in good working condition for a tenant renting a flat.





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