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Letting Links is a social networking platform specifically designed to help tenants and landlords connect. Think of it as a dating site of sorts – you wouldn’t move-in with someone on the first date, would you? It seems absurd when put into that light, and yet, that’s precisely what landlords and tenants sign up for every time they sign a lease.

We at Letting Links, thought this process seemed almost like an arranged marriage of sorts – the agent matches up the client with tenants takes the matching fee or commission and signs off on a job well done. Unfortunately, these “relationships” are often less than perfect.

Letting Links takes away the “arranged marriage” component of the deal and lets you decide. You search out the property (or tenant) you’re looking for, and start the connection properly. This means formal introductions, time to talk out what both of you are looking for and finally, setting up a time to meet and see the place on your own terms – no rushing, no hurry, no fees.

By providing a free-to-use service, we have eliminated both the financial burden and uncertainty of using agents. Using the website is simple. Simply log in, search for your ideal match (whether property or tenant) and browse through the different profiles. Once you’ve found the profile you want to pursue further, simply contact them using our easy to use chat tools. It’s as simple as that.

All necessary rental documentation such as credit checks, referencing, tenancy agreements, EPC’s, Gas Safety Certificates etc. can all be sourced via the site.

We want to take the uncertainty and expense out of finding a great place to live. We want to help property owners like you, secure suitable tenants without having to be financially burdened. That’s the reason Letting Links was created, to help people just like you, find the proper match to your exact needs.

Our website allows you to search properties by exact preference — no more looking at studio flats for your family of 4. Likewise, eliminate the “cat lady” from your tenant search if you want a pet-free home. The options are custom and the choices are limitless. Search based off size, property, price and more.

Enjoy the site and please do give us your feedback via our blog.  We are constantly working to add more features and improvements to better serve your rental needs.




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